Web Hosting

We’ve got your back.

The digital world is constantly evolving; that’s why you need someone on your team making sure your site is up to date and running like a well-oiled machine. With our dedicated Client Services team at your disposal we will be there for any of your site maintenance and web hosting needs.


Service & Backups

Website downtime is costly. With our servers you can be assured that with over 99.9% uptime, website downtime will rarely be an issue. We will manage both the front end and the back end of your website for just $10 per month or $100 per year. If there’s an issue on your site, make one call (or send an e-mail), and we’ll solve the issue.

JP Solutions provides you with peace of mind by regularly performing a full data backup of your site to ensure it can be restored to its previous condition if something goes wrong.


Updates & Tune-ups

We handle your large and small site updates. Whether it’s quick text changes or adding new functionality and features, JP Solutions ensures that your site stays up to date with the Web’s ever-changing standards, operates smoothly, and remains as cutting edge as the day you launched it.

Broken links and out-of-date plugins can jeopardize the visibility and security of your site. As part of our hosting services, we regularly tune-up your site to make sure links are properly directed and your plug-ins are up to date. This improves your site’s SEO, enhances the user experience, and helps prevent malware.

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