Mobile Development

Mobile websites are a huge way to take your business to the next level

Having a website that works great on both desktop computers and mobile devices is a huge necessity. The growth of mobile adoption is drastically changing the ways your customers view your website so it's important to have your website adapt as well.

  • Visitors are Focused

    Most of the visitors to your mobile website are usually there for a purpose. It could be to check your company information, compare products & services, or to find where you are. Making this information easy to navigate to with fast load times is a great start to getting new customers.

  • Importance of Mobile Marketing

    70% of users will access a mobile site to find out more information, and close to 50% of them will do that while shopping in-store. An incomplete mobile marketing experience leaves the door wide open for your competitors who are utilizing the mobile-ready experience.

  • Users Shop More on Mobile

    Making your products and services easily accessible via mobile will make your customers more inclined to make a purchase. Even if you don't have an E-Commerce website, your mobile efforts will make your company information more streamlined.

  • Differentiate Your Business

    A major downfall of non-mobile ready websites is load times. Most full-site pages loading on a mobile device take 4.8 seconds or longer to load. Users wanting to make a purchase expect the mobile pages to load in less than 3 seconds. Your customers will quickly leave your page if it's not quick for them.

How does your site look on a smartphone?