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    Why Do I Need A Web Designer?

    It seems like everywhere you turn there are advertisements for the hundreds of free and cheap website builder tools such as Wix and GoDaddy that let you build your own site with no technical knowledge. Unfortunately, they do have their downsides if you are trying to build a custom website for your business. This is where hiring a web designer will provide you with more opportunity to customize what you are building. Here are some of the differences between the two:


    Do You Want a Custom Design?

    The free website builder tools allow you to choose from dozens of generic templates. You have the control to change the colors, text sizes, and header photos, but that's about it. If you are going for a fully custom look to represent your business, you will need to hire a web designer to make your ideas come to life.


    Do You Want a Custom Functionality?

    If you are looking for more than just a simple website with some photo galleries and a contact form, then a free website builder is not for you. That is because free site builders do not support interfaces that can handle sending custom emails or perform custom calculations. For this type of functionality you will need a web designer. They can code custom applications for your website and make the interface for your customers very user friendly.


    Do You Want Your Website to Look Professional?

    One main problem with the free or cheap site builders is that your site probably won't look professional. Like I mentioned before you will have to choose from one of their few dozen templates and just plug your information into the blank areas. And, since they are templates, there is a very good chance that there is another site out there that will look like yours. Who wants that?

    A web designer can customize the exact look you are going for to represent your business on the web. We can make your website responsive and look professional to all of your existing and potential customers.

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