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Digital Marketing

Here at JP Solutions we use several different methods to drive customers to your website. They include search engine optimization, adwords marketing, social media, email marketing, and Google analytics. Marketing your website is a crucial step after the creation process because the website has no value if nobody knows about it. We strive to get over 90% of our customers ranked in the first couple of pages of search engines for their chosen keywords. Here's how:

  • We never use forbidden SEO techniques

    Black hatting tricks can easily gain quick results but destroy your long-term SEO progress.

  • We structure web pages to maximize results

    Developing and structuring content the way search engines like to read them increases search engine crawl rate and helps rankings.

  • We stay ahead of the ever-changing SEO curve

    We stay ahead of the ever-changing SEO curve SEO tactics and algorithms are constantly changing so we need to adapt to these changes to keep your business on top.

Why is SEO So Important for Your Website?

Here are some stats that are hard to ignore when it comes to optimizing and marketing your website.

  • 85%
    of Websites are found via Search Engines
  • 93%
    of Online Experiences Begin with a Search Engine
  • 75%
    of Users Never Scroll Past the First Page
  • 70%
    Amount of Search Engine Market Share Google Owns
  • 70%
    of Links Users Click are Organic
  • 25%
    Online Purchases Result from Searches

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Having a great website is just the beginning to gaining a commanding web presence with your potential customers. To make this happen you need rich keyword content, social media integration, and use of SEO services. But don't worry, we are here to help. We will bring customers to your website by creating a online marketing strategy that suits your needs.

Your Business is Unique

Every company is different. So, we offer different SEO plans to fit every business budget. We can also custom tailor a plan to better suit your unique business needs. Contact us today to see how we can build your online presence.

SEO Audit Request

Have you ever wondered how your website is performing? We offer a basic SEO audit that includes a overview of your website to test factors such as page rank and presence on Google, security scan, page load speeds, and user experience.

Request an Audit Today